IoT Platform

Advances in cloud computing, advanced analytics, and stream computing have changed the way we understand and manage the physical world. These capabilities have enabled the emerging IoT environment to transform a variety of Industries. A recent Hurwitz white paper on the “Essential Elements of an IoT Core Platform” discusses the transformation that is being brought about by IoT, and the role of an IoT core platform in this process.
Lumada by Hitachi is designed to overcome the challenges of IoT solution creation that were previously mentioned. Lumada is an open, adaptable, verified and secure IoT core platform for accelerating digital transformation.

Lumada is Adaptable.

Perhaps the greatest asset that Lumada brings to the complex and rigid IoT market-place today is how easile extensible it is across both applications and domains. Lumada provides the flexability to address a wide range of IoT domains from industrial, manufacturing, enerdy, public safety, government, health-care and much more. Even with a single organization there are broad ranges of IoT solution needs for the end-to-end running odf the business across manufacturing, operations, marketing, supply chain, etc. Lumada accomplishes this by hosting and aggregating the various building blocks into ‘solution cores’. Also, referred and easily adaptable to different vertical applications. The ingested data for connected devices obviously differs for manufacturing equipment versus industrial assets such as trains and ships, yet they share many common requirements in terms of analytics algorithms, analysis and reporting, which are preassembled into the Lumada predicitive maintenance solution core. As a result, Lumada provides rapid re-use and simple integration into specific applications using open APIs, providing a high degree of flexibility to address new predicitive maintenance needs as they arise. The same is true with other solution cores, such as those for ‘data exchange’ and ‘optimized factory’. Rapid reuse and adaption provides investment protection and accelerates your digital transformation.

Lumada is Verified and Secure

Lumada builds on a rich heritage of innovation that has established Hitachi to be a premier supplier of the ‘things’ that are now the foundation of the ıoT, including industrial equipment such as trains, medical systems such as MRIs, and so on. Hitachi Insight Group’s expansive ıoT portfolio includes solutions and services for a variety of industries and use cases, including public safety and smart city, renewable and sustainable energy, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and manufacturing, water treatment and building systems, sustainable mining and more.

Elements of the Lumada IoT core platform are already verified in Hitachi IoT-optimized solutions today, for applications including manufacturing and predicitive maintenance. For example, Omlka Works, a manufacturer of Industrial systems in Japan, has demonstrated that using advanced sensors, cameras and analytics can help reduce both inventory and costs. Additional IoT solutions are in commercial deployment today for healthcare, public safety, shipping automotive and energy. The collective technologies and experience gained from these real-world applications are now being made available via Lumada. Lumada takes the best of what works and has been proven and makes it more easily accessible for IoT co-creation.

Additionally, as more and more public and private data is being collected via IoT systems, there is increasing concern about data security and data lineage over time. Security and digital ethics are a top priority at Hitachi, and Lumada is architected with this mind.