Monitoring and Control Systems

Monitoring and Control Systems

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The company develops various airport control systems and supports even safer and more efficient operation of airport facilities.  Since air transport is becoming increasingly important, the most essential theme is “aviation security.” 

Maintenance System for Aviation Sacilities

The system effectively uses accurate maintenance information and facilities
and provides control information about the functions.

Lamp monitoring and control system

This system monitors and controls the CCR. Control personnel can operate the lamp console installed on the control tower, thereby controlling the brightness of aviation lamps. The system is duplexed for higher reliability and maintainability.

Stop bar system

This system assists aircraft in landing on a runway under low visibility by using aviation lamps.
To stop an aircraft about to land on the runway at a specified stop position by means of a startup instruction from the control personnel, the stop line lamp is turned on and the guide channel centerline lamp turned off.

Monitoring and control system

A society that works 24 hours a day incessantly produces richness and comfort while consuming huge quantities of energy. From now on, we should not limit ourselves to merely proceeding with a stable supply of energy and energy-saving. We must also aim at advanced operation with skillful management. These developments in society led to the creation of the Hitachi Energy Management System SAVEMAX series. SAVEMAXi takes full advantage of Hitachi’s comprehensive expertise and know-how cultivated in such areas as telecommunications, information processing, and equipment control. Engineering that is consistent both during and after the planning stage is used to support the advanced use of energy.