Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has jumped to the forefront of the customer engagement conversation with far-reaching implications for both consumers and brands.

While the traditional CRM players have been promising rainbows and unicorns, we’ve been delivering real-time AI capabilities for years through a centralized, always-on “brain” that unleashes the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, and real-time decisioning across our customers’ data, systems, and touchpoints – orchestrating engagement on, and across, customer interactions channels.

AI can deliver huge benefits. However, “black box” AI strategies will inevitably invite greater risk. This is why Pega believes in a built-in transparency switch (we call it the “T-Switch”) that ensures AI is only applied in cases where it makes sense.

No other vendor in the market today gives you this level of AI control. Pega empowers you to confidently employ the power of AI models knowing that you’ll be in complete control with the Pega Customer Decision Hub and its pragmatic, trusted, and transparent application of AI.

AI does not replace your employees – it simply makes them better at what you’ve hired them to do. It gives them an all “superpowers” to transform how they work – and how the work gets done. And the future of work is about much more than just automation. It is a new collaboration between employees and technology that is focused on rapid outcomes.

During every customer interaction, AI empowers your employees and systems to sense the customer’s intent – and even to know the right thing to say or do. It guides them to the next best action dynamically throughout the customer’s entire lifecycle.

AI gets rid of what’s standing in the way of driving customer engagement. In fact, every second your employees waste on low-value tasks is another second your competitors are gaining on you. By using AI to automate repetitive tasks, employees are given the freedom to perform higher value engagements that can fuel your bottom line.