Under Vehicle Scanning

Under Vehicle Surveillance Technology!

Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is offering you the most advanced technology to identify threats under vehicles. Designed to provide crystal clear, unbeaten quality images, day and night, at a speed up to 40 km/h. Proven technology, designed to operate at the harshest environmental conditions.
Under Vehicle Scanners will provide you with the perfect solution to scan, inspect, and digitally record the underside of vehicles. In today´s world, we are facing increased threat from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism. We have to protect ourselves against these threats by increased security measures. The efficiency and quality of your security staff can be considerably enhanced by using modern technology.


In today´s world, we are facing an increased threat from crime, theft and terrorism. We must protect ourselves against these threats by increased security measures, especially at the entrance of our premises.
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With the sandblasted stainless steel Heavy Duty Housing,  UVIScan is ideal as permanent installation, integrated into the road surface. The Heavy Duty Housing is TÜV tested against the most severe loading, offering the best possible protection for the UVIScan Technology inside. Easy to install by hand and easy to maintain. Available with yellow / black reflective striping.
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Mobile UVIScan system can be used for rental, special events, pilots and demo’s, and is available with different kinds of ramps. Our UVIScan with rubber mats is easy to install. The solid rubber mats can be bolted to the road surface for semipermanent installation and can withstand very heavy trucks. UVIScan with aluminium ramps is even more easy to install. The aluminium ramps are light and easy to carry for rapid deployment, ideal for special events.

Infrared LED

UVIScan technology is specially designed for Under Vehicle Scanning, where colour hardly exists. UVIScan Infrared LED Technology is not visible for the human eye, and can therefore not attract attention of criminals, terrorists and/or snipers. Furthermore, by using Infrared Technology we avoid overexposure caused by sunlight. The ruggedized UVIScan LED design is modular and specially designed to be able to scan both normal vehicles and trucks.


Additional to UVIScan system, we offer XS Line, a magnificent state-of-art design to provide a complete solution for the entrance to your premises. The XS Line range includes ANPR, DFC, Traffic Light and Custom Made applications. The design is modular and includes a matt black aluminium pole and sand brushed stainless steel housing and finishing. Ideal for an entrance which requires a stylish welcome for its VIP’s and VVIP’s.

Driver Face Capture

Driver Face Capture (DFC) system provides a perfect recognizable image of the driver of the vehicle. The system is placed at the entrance of your premises, at a place where the vehicle will stand still for instance to wait for a barrier, or for presenting a badge. The image of the driver will be displayed in the UVIScan user interface, and can, for instance, be compared with the recorded image in the access control system. The DFC system can also be used to provide streaming video.
17059TUR_ARD Rev7

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system offers the most advanced technology, recognizing number plates with Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic characters. Proven technology in more than 200 countries, under the harshest environmental conditions including extreme high and low temperatures, wind, sand, dust, snow and ice. Integrated into UVIScan system, the ANPR system will provide an image of the front of the car, and the characters on the plate (digitally).

Detect The Danger!

Automatic Comparison

Automatic Comparison Software License

o Automated foreign object detection by comparison to previous stored images of the same vehicle
o Software compares 2 images which have been stored under the same license plate
o Indicates the differences between the 2 images with red indicators
o Helps the operator to easily identify unwanted objects

Magnet Detection

17059TUR_ARD Rev11

Under Vehicle Magnetic Detection System

o Additional Module, integrated into UVIScan;
o Sensor Unit: Linear Array of magnetic field sensors;
o Analyser;
o Scanning Speed ca. 100 Hz
o Sensitivity 0.04 mT
o IP 67 Enclosure
o Indicates the strength of magnetic field in color (green= low, yellow=medium, red=strong)
o SQL database for storage purposes