Time and Participation Management

The solutions offered by the SAP ERP software for the human resources module include time management. Thanks to the time management sub-module, personnel entry / exit tracking, monitoring and reporting of working times, monitoring of employees’ daily and hourly attendance, tracking of employee leave progress, shift planning, working times according to the shifts of personnel and time/exit hours, calculation of overtime and transfer of payroll to payroll can be done efficiently. Easy and effective reporting is possible with SAP time management.

In addition to the standard solutions offered by the SAP system, the company also provides time management modules for custom processes and improvements.


SAP Time Management can be integrated easily and quickly with the Personnel Attendance Control Systems (PDKS), which are widely used according to the needs of the companies.
In addition to all these, the biggest advantages of the company are the continuation of the personnel’s absenteeism movements and the calculation of the payroll calculations in a more systematic and organized manner, the ease of use and the number of technical personnel required for these processes, reducing the cost of personnel and contributing to the increase of productivity.