Digital Production

Increases Digital Production and Accurate Process Profitability

The smart factory is called the facilities that make production using all the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0. Thanks to digital production, every stage of production can be kept under control. In order to increase the profitability and reduce the costs in the businesses, the correct configuration and proper operation of the process is of great importance. The benefits of the process can be seen in many parts such as keeping stock quantities under control, increasing the production speed, decreasing the waste rates, and preventing the loss of time and loss in downtime. The fact that instant digital production can be made with Industry 4.0 has changed the process concept.



What are we doing?

  • Production monitoring in the automotive, chemical, textile, defense-aerospace sectors
  • Special data collection equipment developed on data collection from machines
  • Production Management System Applications (MES)
  • Data Historian Application (Instant Data Collection and Data Management)
  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance Applications
  • End-to-End SAP Solutions Application (SAP S/4 HANA, SAP MII/ME, SAP Cloud, SAP Analytics)