Biometric Identification


Automatically detects and files faces in a video.

Customhouse Gates, Customs Transit, Dormitories, Ministries and Police Departments, which require absolute security measures, we provide integrated Biometric Identification Systems regarding to this entrance controlled by fingerprinting, finger vein recognition and facial biometrics whereas the person identification solutions.

Face Recognition

Welcome to the next generation of surveillance technology. Hitachi has unveiled a surveillance camera that is able to scan a face and then search up to 36 million faces in one second for a similar match in its database.

The technology can be used by any organisation, as well as within the Airports. Starting from the entrance of the passengers to the airport, until they get into the plane, all of the passing period are monitored, identified and integrated (which means to monitor and identify people from a large database of faces) into the face recognition system. Automatically detects and files faces in a video.

How It Works

While the same task used to require manually sifting through hours of recordings, our new technology searches algorithmically for a facial match with up to 30 degrees of deviation turned vertically and horizontally away from the camera, and requires faces to fill at least 40 pixels by 40 pixels for accurate recognition.

Any image, whether captured on a mobile phone, handheld camera, or a video still, can be uploaded and searched against its database for matches.

This high speed is achieved by detecting faces through image recognition when the footage from the camera is recorded, and also by grouping similar faces.

While the system could be used to prevent or catch suspicious activity, it could also be used in many other ways; such as a tool to find lost children within crowded events.

Finger Print & Vein Authentication

Cutting edge authentication technology. Near infrared radiation is passed through the finger, identifying individuals by their vein pattern images. Vein patterns are identified from inside the body,  so the process is therefore unaffected by cracked or dry skin, and what is more, being very difficult to forge makes this authentication method highly reliable. It has a wide range of applications, including management systems for entering and leaving rooms, PC login, ATMs, and as well as an embedded device for the Airports employees. This system can be used for controlling appropriate working time by providing access control for the staff during their shifts.
Fingerprint biometrics are obtained upon the full reflection of visible lights by the optical sensors. With the fingerprint identification systems;