Refueling System

We can also solve refueling systems issue in airports with own solutions.

Provide system without human intervention on communication to reduce human mistake such as misdirection or mishearing.

Share information among related parties and boost efficiency on various works

Seasonal Schedule Listing
Seasonal Schedule Input
Daily Schedule Transaction
Operator Shift Input (option)
Operator Assignment (option)

Schedule Manual Input
Schedule Listing
Schedule Assignment
Schedule Data Download to Tablet
Fueling Data Upload to Server
Daily Schedule Receiving
Fueling Status Monitoring
Airline Data Receiving
Change Alert
Wireless Online Data Transaction
Car Assignment (option)

Flow Meter Manual Input
Fueling Receipt Input
Receipt Print Out
Environmental Setting
Vehicle Status Detection
Flow Meter Online Reading via Wi-Fi
Meter Display
Vehicle Location Display by GPS (option)

Receipt Listing
Daily report Print Out (option)