Solution for Campus Environments

Campus safety has come under fire due to active-shooter events that have exposed gaps in safety and security. Schools and universities can keep students, staff, physical infrastructures, and assets safe and secure across the entire campus by implementing security infrastructures, emergency communications, policies, and procedures. All these disparate processes and systems need to be closely monitored and connected to a single platform that offers full situational awareness.
The Challenge:

Although video surveillance leads the way, schools and other campus facilities will be safer, smarter and more efficient through real-time connected intelligence. True campus safety encompasses more than the use of the cameras, and sole use of cameras for campus security involves the following risks:

■ Privacy concerns.

■ Unmonitored areas where drugs, sexual assaults, bullying and vandalism occur.

■ Cameras that lack intelligence and analytics.

Situational awareness challenges include:

■ Focus on specific areas of a campus, excluding linked or nearby crime.

■ Separate systems for access control, video management, license plate recognition, fires, and social media.

■ Multiple security personnel monitoring the system to manage critical assets and incidents.

Hitachi Visualization

Hitachi Visualization is a solution com­posed of Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS). HVP contains intelligent edge-cap­ture devices and the HVS is an integrated cloud and mobile software platform. These solutions are designed to create safer environments.

Benefits for Campus Security:

  • Implements student database integration with a facial-recognition system for class­room analytics.
  • Integrates mobile phone-based panic alarm and location identification.
  • Includes video and building integration – cameras, access control, fire alarm, AC, HVAC system, lighting control, smoke detection and more – for improved sit­uational awareness in active shooter situations.
  • Helps prevent crime and deter criminal behavior.
  • Ensures safer and more secure environ­ments for both students and faculty.
  • Helps first responders with live situational awareness.
  • Prevents vandalism.
  • Enables information exchange without being limited by proprietary systems.
  • Allows remote access to off-site live video from campus police vehicles and body-worn cameras.
  • Integrates with third-party systems.