Activity Visualizer

Activity Visualizer evaluates and visualizes the activity within a video stream. It calculates and displays in which location of the image most of the  motion occurred. Activity Visualizer can also present the average dwell time of persons or objects at certain positions in the image.

Additionally regions can be defined for a separate evaluation. Like all Hitachi Video Analytics products, Activity Visualizer can easily be integrated into already existing systems. If there are already installed surveillance cameras, only an Engine and appropriate licenses are required. The existing video system will then be supported by high-tech video analysis. The graphical user interface allows a fast and intuitive configuration of the software.

Fields of Application

Activity Visualizer can among other options be applied for the optimization of sales areas or showrooms. Through this application it can be determined at a glance, in which product or exhibit the majority of customers take interest in and also for how long they therefore stayed in the same area.