Intrusion Detector

Intrusion Detector is very robust and reliable in indoor and outdoor applications. Filters for snow and rain as well as the correction of the perspective distortion eliminate false alarms.

Intrusion Detector is used to automatically detect the intrusion of people and vehicles into protected or private areas. An alarm is generated if an object moves through a predefined area of the video in a given direction. This movement direction and the respective tolerance can be defined freely. It is possible to define paths in the predefined areas to trigger alarms when an object moves along these paths. The maximal deviation from the paths can be specified. The limits for the triggering of an alarm, such as the speed of objects as well as their size, can be defined as well.

Fields of Application

Intrusion Detector can be used in areas where entries, doors, windows, fences or walls are monitored. For example:

  • Prisons
  • Company premises
  • Power plants and electrical substations
  • Critical objects

The individual configuration and the possibility to define directions allow the use in many different applications such as detecting abnormal behavior on paths, which are usually used only in one direction, or to protect freestanding machines and vehicles.


Intrusion Detector detects if an object moves from a source region (green) over a transport region (yellow) into a target region (red). Alternatively one can omit the source region, s.t. Intrusion Detector detects movement or intrusion into the target region (area protection).

An alert is triggered if an object moves (from the source region) into the target region while following the configured direction.