Object Detector

Detects changes in the defined analysis region and automatically sends alarms. This allows the detection of potentially dangerous objects like left luggage or weapons and their removal by security personnel.

The Object Detector can also detect whether an object has been moved or removed from its original position. The detection algorithm of Object Detector is highly sensitive and can even detect small objects  (5×5  px)  such  as lighters or pocket knives.


Object Detector is designed to detect objects with a predefined minimum object size. If detected objects are not removed after a certain period of time, the application will trigger an alarm. Alarms can also be suppressed when there is motion in the detection area or on the detected object.

Fields of Application

The analysis of Object Detector is based on constant lighting conditions in the applied scene (e.g. in elevators or security gates). When started for the first time, the application creates a so called reference image. Every new frame will then be compared to this reference image.

Indoors with changing lighting conditions (e.g. museums, laboratories), Object Detector is learning the different possibilities (light on/off) and will trigger an alarm if lasting changes are detected.

Outdoors, Object Detector is learning the scene independently w.r.t. lighting conditions. In comparison to indoor areas, this mode uses edges to detect objects.