Queue Detection

Queue Detector automatically analyses queues in order to detect overcrowding. Not only the crowd is analysed in a specified area, but also the flow of motion and its pace. Queue Detector can be employed in all places where queues can occur and the analysis results can be consulted to dissolve the queue.

Fields of Application

Queue Detector can be applied wherever queues occur. The application´s analysis results are then used for resolving them. If for instance in a supermarket a queue arises, a new checkout can be opened at an early stage. The same can be applied for ticket counters at train stations, check-in counters at airports etc.  At airports, the head of security can get informed if extra security personnel is required at the passport control.


Queue Detector is assigned to detect queues in up to three areas. Waiting persons never remain absolutely motionless. The appearing movements are used for the calculation of the   filling level in the areas. The quicker motion of people passing by can be filtered.

Two time periods can be defined:

The Swaying time range: defines the time period in which a person has to move for being considered.

The Considered Time Range: can be configured separately for every region. It defines the time considered time range and will be applied for the triggering of alarms. After a queue has been detected for a defined percentage of frames within this period, the application will create an alarm.