Smart Retail

The Internet of Things in Retail…

Food service

Increase efficiencies to reduce your operating costs. Monitor quality and safety, improve equipment maintenance, and track supplies.

Vending machines

Streamline your operations. Track inventory and supply usage, and better predict machine maintenance needs.

Supermarkets and retail stores

Increase business growth and brand loyalty. Monitor inventory, track consumer behavior, and recommend products.


Optimize operations and increase revenues. Track room usage, tailor to guest preferences, and know before supplies run low.


Improve the spectator experience by connecting them with their favorite sporting events through real-time statistics and tracking.

IoT is more than just the “things” of connected devices, products, or sensors. IoT can connect systems, providing unified visibility, real-time decisions, and deeper insights into customers, competition, product portfolio and performance. RFID and the Internet of Things as we understand it today, have a strong historical relationship with manufacturing, warehousing, consumer goods and retail.