Smart Transportation

As the world’s population continues to grow, more cities are experiencing the challenges of accommodating an increase of residents and visitors. From congested roadways to increased emissions, these issues start to impact the health and well-being of each city’s residents. ARDTECH's smart cities and smart transportation IoT solutions enable government organizations and other community partners to create safer, more efficient cities by improving community resources and transportation for everyone.

Maintain vehicle performance

Keep vehicles on the road by predicting and monitoring maintenance needs—fixing potential issues during downtime to keep your business moving.

Optimize fleet operations

Streamline logistics using real-time data and alerts to optimize delivery routes, monitor performance, and quickly respond to delays or issues as they happen.

Keep traffic moving

Monitor and process real-time traffic data to help manage transportation infrastructures, assess road conditions, and ease congestion.

Build Smarter Cities

Smart cities start with smarter infrastructure. Telit enables IoT solutions for smart cities and transportation that offer real-time visibility and accurate data, which allows organizations to improve efficiency while creating smarter, greener cities across the globe.