Smart City Operational Intelligence for Traffic

We create an IoT solution for public safety and smart city solutions with focus on improving collaboration, increasing operational efficiencies and augmenting decision making and intelligence through data and spatial analytics and visualization

Parking Space Analyzer:

Ideal for Parking area management. Detects occupied Parking spaces, analyzes how long a vehicle has been parked, identifies vehicles in no-parking zones, and guides drivers to the next vacant Parking space.

Traffic Analyzer:

Counts vehicles on highways, urban streets and premises with car pools or Parking garages, with results available per minute, hour, week or moths. Count to four lanes of vehicles, while categorizing vehicles into two-wheel, passenger car and bu sor truck.

License Plate Recognizer:

Recognizes vehicle license plates and matches them with stored lists (black and White lists). Used for Access control in Parking lots, urban environmetns and elsewhere. Supports license plate recognition for more than 60 countries.

Vehicle Counter:

Automatically counts and classifies vehicles that pass a definable area on a traffic lane, and statistically evaluates and exports results.

Direction Controller:

Detects when objects move in a restricted direction, immediately triggering an alarm to notify operators. Identifies even the slightest movement, whether it’s used indoors or outdoors.

Camera Health Monitor:

Camera Health Monitor automatically detects camera tampering like turning or obscuring a camera, as well as connection problems and poor picture quality. As soon as one of these conditions is fulfilled, an alarm is triggered.